Louisville-Parnell - Project 121

Project Location

The project is located approximately 12 miles northeast of Crookston, in Section 13 and 14 of Parnell Township in Polk County and Section 18 of Louisville Township in Red Lake County, Minnesota

Design Considerations

The project stores runoff and reduces flooding on downstream agricultural lands and urban areas by retaining up to ten percent more storage (400 acre-ft) to the JD-60 Watershed. The storage of water will reduce peak discharges by .2% in Crookston and .02% in East Grand Forks. The project also created 37 acres of wetland banking.

Project Components

The drainage area upstream of the impoundment is 5.1 square miles. The project controls break out flows from Lateral 2 of JD-60. It is designed to provide up to 25-yr flow control to the immediate drainage systems downstream of the project. The embankment is approximately 2,900 ft long along the west edge of the southeast quarter of Section 13. The project utilizes four gated outlet structures consisting of one principal outlet (STA 19+50) and three secondary outlets. Each control structure and storage site are designed to operate using passive detention. The sluice gates are 18-inch diameter, Waterman Model C-20-C-Y and operated through a gate wheel. As well as providing local and regional flood mitigation, this project provides wetland banking for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The project consists of five pools each designed to provide specific functions and benefits. Gate operation will be the responsibility of the Red Lake Watershed District. Gate operation will be coordinated with operation of the Schirrick Dam, RWLD #25.

100 Year 30 Hour Summer Flood Stage and Storage Summary

Storage Site
Peak Elevation (ft-MSL)
Total Storage at Peak (ac-ft)
100-Year Bounce (ft)
Gated Storage Available (act-ft)
A 965.19 89.9 2.8 15
B 954.16 24.2 2.2 0
D 952.21 47.6 1.7 47.6
C/E 949.21 207 5.3 (C); 1.3 (E) 190

Functional Design Data

Elevation (ft.-msl)
Top of earthen embankment 951.0/952.0
Top of Spillway 949.0