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River of Dreams

2019 Grygla Canoe Launch

River of Dreams is a program for elemenatary students based on the book "Paddle-to-the-Sea". Student learn watershed terminology and how their local subwatershed fits into the Red River Basin. Kids decorate and launch a 14" cedar canoe into their local rivers. Each canoe has a specific ID code that is logged into a data base. If someone along the rivers finds a canoe, they are able to report the siting to a website and the creator of the canoe will get to see how far their canoe has traveled in the watershed! The International Water Institute (IWI) created and implements this program with support from the Red River Watershed Management Board and local watershed districts across the Red River of the North Basin. Red Lake Watershed District helps teach the cirriculum to many schools throughout the Red Lake Watershed District.

RLF Canoe Launch