BWSR Flood Storage Easement Pilot Site 1 "Tiedemann Site"- Project 133C


Construction of the “Tiedemann Site” began in the spring of 2002 and was substantially completed by the summer of 2002 and functional for operation in the spring of 2003. The project is funded by the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources (BWSR) and the District.

Project Location

Section 5, Parnell Township, Polk County, approximately 12 miles northeast of Crookston.

Design Considerations

The project stores runoff and reduces flooding on downstream agricultural lands and urban areas by retaining up to 247 acre-feet of floodwater. The storage of water in the reservoir also reduces peak discharges on the downstream ditches; Polk County Ditch 126 and the Grand Marais.

Project Components

The project is directly downstream of the Parnell West Pool outlet and the North Parnell Site 2 outlet. The project design consists of approximately 0.75 miles of earthen clay embankment, 0.63 miles of raised township road, a grass lined emergency spillway, 1 – line of 6 x 5 concrete box culvert with a gated outlet structure.

Operable components are the gated structure which releases water from the impoundment into Polk County Ditch 126. This water then flows west to the Grand Marais Coulee eventually to the Red River of the North.

Functional Design Data

Elevation (ft.-msl)
Storage (ac.ft.)
Top of Dam (total storage) 925.5 324
Emergency Spillway 924.5 247 (1.6 in. runoff)